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Pole Barn or Metal Bldg

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For living space/shop space,wanting to get my ducks in a roll for retirement in couple yrs. I am on a tight budget for a simple working man,so I need to try to get the most for my dollar. I have a price on the metal bldg which includes the slab which the slab by itself is almost what I paid for the land itself OMGoodness. My plan is to do the interior work myself which is within my means,but I don't know lot about Pole barns but price for concrete would be the same. The ideal of what little research I done on Pole barns and the Youtubes I watch I like. But from what I understand the cost is little cheaper and being wood would be easier to do interior. But another problem is finding someone in Tx that does Pole barns.So to help with finding someone,how should I go about finding individuals or a contractor for project like this? Nothing fancy,just on cheap cause at my age I just want to be comfortable.Thanks for any help
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A lot of questions that apply to how easy or hard this building will be to build.

How tall is the building
Sq footage can affect permitting?
Conditioned year round both ac and heat?

In my search years back I found metal buildings required a wood framed building built inside to accommodate interior finishing. So I went with all wood from the start. Modern trusses can be used today so those big steel beams are not a requirement.

As for the slab, what are you putting on it. Heavy machines, trucks, will need a thicker slab. Tx also has some clay which I'm not familiar with.

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