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Pocket Doors

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I Have pocket doors installed in my house I just bought. I have adjusted the doors so they go in and out a little bit smoother but still has some slight resistance. I really don't want to replace the rollers because take it a part seems like a headache. Will spraying silicone spray on the rollers help any or should i spray the wheels/rollers with anything to help run smoothly or just leave it alone and replace the rollers soon? Thanks in advance for any input and or advice.
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It is not a headache, just that it takes a little bit of time to do it correct, and not mar the wood finish for the trim work. Post pictures. How old is this place? It may be that the roller hardware is needing to be replaced, or needing the bearings lubricated.

As for the resistance, if it is from opening & closing, there is probably something still hanging it up along the roller guide, or the trim is too tight against the door.
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