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Pocket door

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I would like to put in a 30" pocket door in my basement remo but have not had good experience in the past with pocket doors working well in the long term. Can anyone suggest a quality product to use? Or products to avoid? I'm sure that even good products can be screwed up by poor installation so I would also appreciate hearing some of the things to avoid or do to assure quality installation. Also, I have the option to frame wall using 2x4 or 2x6. Is there an advantage to one of these choices over the other related to pocket doors.
Thanks a lot in advance for your help.
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Answering my own question?? Guess I should have done more reading on this subject at DIY before posting my questions. I've visited the Johnson website and viewed their materials (thanks to DangerMouse and others) and think my questions are taken care of. This site is very useful to people like me and I really appreciate the time that others take to help us out.
I used a kit & a doorslab from HD
Worked fine for the 7 years I lived there
Seems like all pockets are high maintenance. But I don't mind getting paid to fix them. With a 2x4 wall, it's easy to put a nail or screw in the wrong place. Or someone used a 2-1/2" gun nail instead of a 1-1/2". Wouldn't use in a laundry room or a bathroom, noise goes right through them. Get solid core. Be safe, GBAR
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