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Pneumatic stapler: 18 ga? Narrow crown? T50?

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My air stapler/Brad nailer died, since it was a low budget option I got way back. Have a regular Brad nailer but it doesn't take staples, so wanted to get a dedicated stapler. Started looking around but got confused with the different terms. I know my old one was 18 ga, but is that the same as narrow crown? Also saw a couple that work only with T50 but didn't know if that was different. Those only advertised up to about 1/2" so figured it was something different. And some list different sizes but not sure if they meant the length of the staple (which I'm used to) or the width of the staple. Do different ones use different widths? So confused. Thanks!
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Narrow crown is 1/4" wide, staples up to 2" long.

Wide crown is 1/2' wide, staples up to 3/4" like an classic Arrow T50. Ex: Wide crown used to staple screening

You need both depending on what you are doing.

Ex; Narrow crown used to staple down 1/4" plywood underlayment.

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You'll find narrow crown staples more readily available in 7/32" up to 2" long. T-50 staples are for tacking vapor barrier and the such with little holding ability like narrow crowns.
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