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plywood between attic elevations ?

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Between each section of my attic, I only have wood sheathing under the siding. But basically no plywood or wood boards on the studs between the different elevations. There is insulation.

Is any benefit to adding plywood, in particular, for the finished part of the attic, the highest elevation?? One side of the studs would have the drywall and the other side would have plywood.

Thanks for reading.


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Between heated and unheated spaces you do want insulation and like a normal wall assembly, the insulation works best if enclosed on all sides. So yes, plywood or other rigid air barrier in the cold side.
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this is a random picture i found. the way we do it in new energy star houses is we would have used sheathing instead of cardboard and we would have sheathed the entire wall. the the insulators would net the opposite side before the drywall is installed and then blow in insulation.

we also sheathe any interior ceiling drops the same way. energy star houses are a lot of extra work. :vs_box:

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