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Plunge Saws
Most circular saws can be used to make plunge cuts by setting the saw on its nose, pulling the trigger, and slowly rotating the saw into the wood. About 40 years ago Festool took this to the next step and invented the Plunge Cut Circular saw.
"The plunge saw and guide rail, also known as a track saw, were invented by Festool and have been perfected over the past 40 years."
I’m no shill for Festool, but while I have their plunge saw (TS 55) with no complaints, I am happy to see that they now have some competition from DeWalt and Makita

Here is a review to find which is best .

If that link goes to the JLC April 2009 magazine table of contents, then click on: Plunge Cutting Circular Saws
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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