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Plunge Cut Options for patching hardwood floor section

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I just removed a wall between two adjacent closets to make one big closet. Problem is that now I have a 5" gap where the hardwood floors stopped under the wall I just removed.

The boards are cut uneven so I can't just slap two oak planks in the gap. I need to cut the boards off flush on both sides so that I can fill the gap with two 3/4" oak boards and have a minimal amount of slack that I'll have to fill in with wood putty before I stain the new boards to match existing.

What do you recommend to make these cuts? Skill Saw? Plunge Cut saw? Oscillating multi-tool?

All of these have issues with completing a straight cut all the way across the 13 boards I have to cut. Looking for help to make these cuts right.

Here's a pic of the floor...

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Skil saw what the saw lets you access followed by an oscillating multi tool to get into the corners.
You might want to build a jig for the skil saw cuts to help guide the saw in a straight line.
This is the method I would use.
Before cutting I would press on strips of painters tape to guard against top side tear out. Use a new blade. When it comes time for the multitool. Use a utility knife to score the cut line. The multi tool will not give you a clean cut like the saw.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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