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Plumbing rough-in inspection... what do I need to have ready?

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I pulled some permits so I can finish our basement and am working on the plumbing. All drains are already roughed in, the house came like that. I'm doing all of the work myself so I'm trying to find out what needs to be ready for a plumbing rough-in inspection. I tried calling the city and nobody can give me a straight answer.

I'm assuming all supply lines need to be run but to what extent? Do they pressure test any of the lines? Do my p-traps have to be installed? Does my shower valve have to be hooked up?

It's a 3 piece bath, nothing fancy. I passed my electrical inspection this morning and hope to get the plumbing ready for inspection for this upcoming Monday. I've already run the supply lines to where each fixture will be, but they are literallu just hanging there right now.

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You need everything that goes behind the wall finishes completed. That includes anchoring the pipes
Tub or shower should be in and plumbed too. The other fixtures are inspected at the final inspection
As for testing- it varies. You should call your inspector before he leaves the office in the morning. Explain your pre-existing work installed by others and ask what he wants from you.
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