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plumbing over / under wiring runs

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not sure if this questions belongs in the electrical or plumbing forum. I recently wired my addition using a subpanel and home-runs to all devices.

I took advantage of some 2x6 runners that cross under the floor joists mid-span (bracing) in my crawlspace to run the main 100 amp panel wire plus a few other runs (where there was room) so as not to have to drill the joists in tight spots (e.g. 1' o/c)

Now I'm under there planning out some new plumbing runs (pex) and inevitably there are some spots where the pex will cross these running boards / wiring runs.

Once again probably overthinking things, but I'm just curious - is it a "best practice" to keep plumbing under the wiring where the 2 meet (thinking about things like drips from sweaty pipes, etc. - not sure there is even an issue with pex). Does it make any difference?

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