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what happens once you have a clog how does it get unclogged can you plunge it then it goes down? That should tell you something, if there is a blockage in the drain then the solid should be hitting that an backing up all your drains. Are the 2 toilets close to each other as one different floors but above or same floor back to back?

I would look at the stack as anything could get in there or if the house was vacant something could have nested there.

I would hire an actual plumber to come out and also talk to your agent about action against the seller if it was a known issue or not.
Getting a company out to scope the pipes would not hurt my BIL just had a blockage in his sewer line that backed up the whole house, fortunately it was from an upstairs shower and basement floor drain.
Cost him 175.00 for the scope and cleanout, he is in Denver your location might be helpful for others.
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