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First, let's deal w the basics:

1. Licenses come from the State, at least in TX. Ask him for his License #/Certification. If he refuses, tell him you are reporting him to the authorities. Send everything CMReturnReceipt. This is to get your money back so you can go to point #2.

2. Go to your nbors, a church, grocery store, city hall, and ask for some references of a good, reputable plumber. Whatever name you get the most, chose him. Tell him your problem(s), and see if he can give you a potential solution and cost? Also, get your real estate agent involved in sellers disclosure. No one selling a house doesn't know the toilets dont work, unless you bought "As is". Didn't you have an inspection.

3. Since both toilets do not flush, either they were both installed wrong, or you have a main sewer line to your septic that is bad. You have to isolate the problem.

a). Put whatever you want in the toilet, take off the lid to the tank, and flush the toilet keeping your hand on the handle until all the water is emptied out of the tank. If it all drains, go immediately to the other toilet and do the same thing. If neither back up, it's not your main line. You can repeat going back and forth 1 more time to make sure.
b). If you flush your toilet by handle as normally, and one or both backs up, you have an issue w how your toilets were installed/configured
c). If one or the other back-ups while flushing w the tank top off, you have main line issue that needs to be scoped.

4. In Texas, you never see the same person as both a Policeman and Fireman; we also never see a licensed Plumber and Licensed Electrician as the same person.

5. Finally, haste makes waste...having to buy a house in 2 weeks ? Whoever made you do that, see if they will handle some of the fallout for such a quick decision.

6. Good luck
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