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Please help to fix cracks (Pictures attached)

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Hi, I need some advice to fix a long crack in a slap. The crack was outside the garage and is the border line between the concrete and bricks. Water goes in the crack when it rains and as a result, mortar joints become loose between bricks on the other side or inside of the garage.
I have tried to patch it with some patching compound from Homedepot, but it wouldn't last more than few months, and it cracked again, as can be seen in the pics.
I was wondering if there are other materials that I could try. I have heard of mixing Sand+Concrete Patching Compound+Latex Additive, but I was wondering if it would work due to a fact it's a slap and it could move.
If I have to hire a professional to do it properly, where can I find one? I am from Toronto area.
Thanks in advance!


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In my opinion, patches are only as good as the substrate below the patch. I'm afraid your concrete may be towards the end of it's life. I would personally call a pro or continue to patch it yourself to save up the money to replace. I recommend you call a local redi-mix plant to see if they have a list of REPUTABLE contractors to look at it for you. Good luck.
Judging from the RUST on your garage door jamb metal, you've had water there for quite a while. You need new concrete, wide and long enough to replace just the cracks at least. I would address the water problem first, or the water collecting there will ruin (undermine) a new slab too.
Be safe, GBR
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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