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Please help me fix my lawn

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Hi everyone,
I'm planning on doing work on my lawn throughout this year to hopefully get it in share for next year. It's been pretty neglected. Right now it's full of low spots, weeds, and different kinds of grasses. I'm planning on seeding in the fall along with having the low spots filled in. I'll also have it aerated at that time. And I'm going to have irrigation put in.

What can I start doing now and throughout the summer so that the lawn is ready to be seeded in the fall?

Here are some close up pictures:!63405&cid=8F0E5DAD8B440AB3

Thanks for any help!
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Sort of hard to say without bigger pictures; picture as in a photo of a larger area of lawn, and picture as in your ultimate goal. Is this property new to you? You said that it has been neglected, so, if this is your first shot at it, I would start by simply mowing it, and keeping it mowed. When my lawn goes too long between cuts, I see a lot of different looking growth, and if can look pretty neglected sometimes, but gets back to normal after a cutting or two. Even some of the grasses if let go to seed take on a bit different appearance. You mentioned low spots; do you know why they are there? Septic field? Maybe previous owners had a garden there? Newer lawn still settling? Erosion? Maybe grading changes are needed? Or maybe it just needs some fill in a few areas? If so, how much? Not the least expensive way to go for larger volumes, but you can buy top soil at your local garden center or big box. Aeration is seldom a bad idea, and, depending on how much area is involved, you can probably rent an aerator locally. Well, a few thoughts anyway.
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Wow, doesn't look like much grass is between those weeds. I'd do the following... Now it and keep it mowed as needed. Fertilize with weed and feed also get a garden sprayer and spray the bad spots with weed be gone or something like it, kills weeds not grass. Give it a good deep thatching and remove the caked in crap and rake. Then Air-raid it and reseed. Keep up with fertilizer, cutting and keeping it hydrated if it doesn't rain use sprinklers. In a month or 2 you should be in business.
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