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Please help asap with miller furnace

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I'm new here but I am hoping you can help me with my Miller furnace. I'm in a trailer and the furnace is about 11 years old. I'm in Maine and it's around zero today so I really need the furnace to work, it's been off now about 18 hours so I am just about frozen and in a lot of pain as I am disabled.
I ran out of fuel I think. The furnace was running fine, it just didn't click back on again when it should have. I tried the thermo on the wall with no luck. I added fuel to the tank and bled the line real good (two 16 oz cans).
I hit the reset button with no luck, you can hear it trying to start but it just doesn't kick on. I reset the system today in case I flooded it last night by holding the button down. Again it tried to start but didn't kick on. I don't see a flame when looking through the little peep hole.:wink:
Please help me, I am so cold.
Thank you.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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