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My girlfriend wanted to put a bed in one of the spare bedrooms. We found the plans online and built it together.

We used pine and stained it with Rustoleum Ebony stain. Then, 2 coats of minwax polycrylic semigloss on the frame, and 4 coats on the headboard.

The frame ready for sanding.

Frame finished.

The headboard.

We put a sheet of fabric over the slats to keep them from causing wear to the bottom of the mattress.

And with the mattress and blanket draped over it for a quick picture just to show how it looks with a mattress on it.

We built the frame in June and the headboard last week. The original intent was to have a spare bed that wouldn't get used much. Something for when her mother or sister comes to visit. We've been sleeping on it every night since the frame was completed. It's solid and comfortable. The guests can have the old angle iron frame bed. :laughing:


The plans are for a Full bed. We made a Queen, and also changed the plans design of the legs.

The frame:

The headboard:
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