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I sure like the looks of the 3/4" by either 4 or 6" plastic lumber stuff as fasia board. About the same price when you have to buy the wood fascia and cover it with alluminum fascia cover.

BUT, with wood fascia you nail soffit panel to bottom of fascia, then cover the nasty edge with cover.

with plastic fascia do you attach another nailer board on the back side of it to hold soffit end,,,recess it inside itself?? Do they make basicly 1 X 2 plastic to atach to back side for a nailer strip??

With 2 X 4 rafter tails and 4 inch Certainteed or aztec trim do you bob the bottom of the rafter tails to have enough space??

Thanks for any suggestions!!-don-
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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