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Hi there,

If I put up a plasterboard ceiling with battens to conceal the edges and screws, do I need to get a plasterer to plaster the plasterboard or can I just apply a coat of sealer on the plasterboard, a coat of primer on the battens, a coat of undercoat, followed by a couple of coats of ceiling paint?


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Are you installing plasterboard (blue board) or drywall (sheetrock)?

I assume you're doing the batten so you don't have to tape the joints.
Drywall (plasterboard) has a 3" bevel on all the long edges to allow for tape & compound.
2 sheets will give you a 7" bevel that you need to cover.
To avoid this, you need to rip 3" of each edge so now your sheets are 42" vs 48" wide.

....but yes you CAN do it that way.

If you're doing blue board, call in a plasterer.
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