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Plaster Wall Repair and Preparation

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I pulled the wallpaper off of one of the walls in our new house today, and found a little more trouble than I had hoped for. The house was built in 1959, and I believe the walls are plaster. The "top coat" of the plaster (for lack of a better term in my vocabulary) has crumbled off. I believe there was some light water damage in the area at some point in the future before the windows were replaced by the previous owner. I have attached three pictures showing the situation and the surrounding area with the wallpaper removed. Can I just skimcoat the area to repair it, or is there a more in depth repair process? I will be painting the wall eventually.

Thanks so much!


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Wet it down with a sponge and do your skim coats( probably3) maybe 4 . sand. clean and paint away.:thumbsup:
Chris - do you think maybe a coat of Plasterweld is called for? Looking at those pics it might be worth exploring. I'm wondering how "tight" the current plaster is. I don't think it could hurt to go over the existing wall with PlasterWeld, then skim coat
See if the plaster is crumbling in those spots. If it is not, thn that is a perfect surface to accept a few skim coats.
Chris - do you think maybe a coat of Plasterweld is called for?

I have never used it, as I think it is used for real plaster.I certainly could be wrong.:huh: I was talking about using joint compound.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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