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Plaster dust from re-roofing

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I recently had a roof redone on a 1918 home and noticed, inside, a bit of white dust here and there in the upstairs rooms. I'm assuming this is from all the banging around on the roof. The upstairs still has the original lathe & plaster with a few cracks.

Any suggestions on how I should deal with the dust. Simple hepa vaccuum or should I go full HazMat?
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I deal with it in a couple of ways. I have a long length of vacuum hose I acquired, I move the shop vac outside or I vent the exhaust from the vac outside. Plaster dust plugs up fine filters quick, coarse filters don't catch it. I use a medium filter and the very fine dust gets vented outside.
If it's just plaster dust, IMO no sense in overreacting. It's a bit caustic and can mess with you (especially if you have alergies), but not really toxic.
Another way I've used before I acquired the long length of vacuum hose, was to put a fan in an open window and move the air outside as I vacuum. A Hepa filter is likely to get clogged fast, whatever makes it through the filter is actually the worst stuff for your lungs.
There was some written material awhile back, that likened plaster (gypsum based) and even talcum powder to asbestos. I haven't really heard much recently. I'd be more worried about the fine dust getting moist in your lungs and turning to plaster again.
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