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Planning on siding my garage... couple questions...

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I've been researching putting vinyl siding on my garage. It's a pretty basic 2.5 car detached garage:

  • Built in the 50s
  • Hipped roof
  • Plywood soffits
  • Wood clapboards on the outside
  • Some kinda foil-backed gypsum board underneath clapboards

My plan so far is to tear off the clapboards, plywood soffits, and put up vinyl siding, aluminum fascia, and vinyl soffits.

My question is.. there's currently no venting on the garage. No ridge vent or soffit vents.

I don't plan on finishing the inside of the garage.

Question 1:

Do I need to put in vented soffits when I do this? I figured some airflow might be a good thing.

Question 2:

There seems to be some sort of foil-backed gypsum board underneath the clapboards (possibly covered with tar paper).

Is this a suitable surface to put vinyl over if I nail through to the studs?
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There has to be house wrap installed under the siding.
Does the existing tar paper qualify as house wrap?

Unless you added a wooden sub fachia your going to find out the vinyls going to buckle and it's very expencive.
There's wooden fascia on there now.. that's in mostly good shape.
Ok.... after some research, shopping around, and head-scratching.. I've decided I'm going to just repair the few damaged clapboards and repaint the garage for now.

However, it does need new gutters. Right now, it's just got the cheap, plastic, snap-together ones.. and the genius who installed them.. only put them on 3 sides of the hipped roof. Couldn't spend the extra $20 to do all four sides, I guess. So, my plan at the moment is to tear off the gutters, repair/replace fascia boards where necessary, and then wrap the fascia in aluminum leaving a channel for vinyl/aluminum soffits when I decide to redo the garage in vinyl someday... then put up some proper aluminum gutters.
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1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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