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Planning on siding my garage... couple questions...

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I've been researching putting vinyl siding on my garage. It's a pretty basic 2.5 car detached garage:

  • Built in the 50s
  • Hipped roof
  • Plywood soffits
  • Wood clapboards on the outside
  • Some kinda foil-backed gypsum board underneath clapboards

My plan so far is to tear off the clapboards, plywood soffits, and put up vinyl siding, aluminum fascia, and vinyl soffits.

My question is.. there's currently no venting on the garage. No ridge vent or soffit vents.

I don't plan on finishing the inside of the garage.

Question 1:

Do I need to put in vented soffits when I do this? I figured some airflow might be a good thing.

Question 2:

There seems to be some sort of foil-backed gypsum board underneath the clapboards (possibly covered with tar paper).

Is this a suitable surface to put vinyl over if I nail through to the studs?
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If you added anything but fan fold for foam you would have to build out all the window and door trim or remove and reinstall them over the thicker foam.
Insulation can be added later on the inside if you decided later to finish.
There has to be house wrap installed under the siding.
Now's the time to also wrap all the window and door trim with coil stock so there's no more painting before the siding goes on.
Unless you added a wooden sub fachia your going to find out the vinyls going to buckle and it's very expencive.
Coil stock would be far cheaper and can go right over the old wood if it's not rotten.
Post a picture.
If it's in good shape you can go right over it.
The vented soffit and a ridge vent will keep the garage a whole lot cooler and the shingles will last far longer.
To do this right you really need to also be wrapping any exposed wood around the windows and doors, Install all the soffits, then wrapping the fasias, and boxing, then installing the siding to make the whole thing trouble free.
I just hate it when I see people install the siding then try to wrap the wood after the fact, it leaves all the nails exposed.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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