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Planning new circuits - worth doing this?

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Hi All,

I am in the final stages of wiring up an area of the house which contain a laundry room and home office areas. There is a dining room and living room which also come into play due to existing wiring. I kind of like the idea of one set of circuits for each room (or function per room), but I'm trying to prevent myself from doing my usual thing of making it perfect and creating extra work that doesn't need to be done.

Here is where I am now:

LR and DR have a single 15a circuit which runs 11 LED recessed lights (five are on a 4-way) and 2 center lights (maybe will have a fan in one some day)
LR and DR have separate circuits for receptacles (each)

My plan is to extend the DR receptacle circuit to include one additional hall light, two bathroom lights, 4 recessed office lights, and 1 center office light/fan. The office already has one receptacle on this circuit which connects through an existing wall, so there it stays. I don't expect a huge draw from anything in the dining room receptacles and all the lighting is LED.

Because I wanted a 20a circuit dedicated to the office, I have wired the receptacles in 12# and plan to make at least one home run for the "desk wall" Does anyone think 20a is not enough for a modern home office? If so I could split it into two.

The final question is for the lighting. It would be a PITA but I could move the DR recessed/center off of the LR circuit and run it's own power. OR I could tie it into the DR receptacle circuit and run the office/hall/bathroom lighting on it's own circuit, but that almost seems like six of one and a half dozen of another. It's also worth noting the 4-way circuit is already in place.

Not sure why I'm getting so obsessive about it all, other than I get one shot and prefer to do it right. In this case though it really might not be worth the extra effort :)

Thanks for any advice!
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I did a quick read and see some issues. Dining room receptacles can't be shared with anything other than the kitchen counter, 20 amp, commonly called a small appliance branch circuit(s). The laundry receptacles need to remain independant.
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20 amps should be more than enough for a home office unless you have some enormous laser printer or other high draw device.
Make sure to install a 20 amp circuit for the washer and dryer, also a 30 amp circuit if you have an electric dryer.
By code dining room receps should be on a 20 amp circuit.
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That's interesting about the DR receptacles. Any idea why that is? I could isolate them to a single circuit but the existing ones will have to stay 15 amp as it is 14# buried wiring. Or I could wire the new ones onto a 20a circuit but it will be only 2 receptacles, which seems kinda stupid.

As for the laundry room, it is a combined bathroom/laundry room and the washer + gas dryer will have their own GFCI 20a circuit as well as a new 20a GFCI circuit for the room. Only the center and closet lights will be on a circuit shared with other rooms (provided I even can now lol)
Depending on when the house was built the DR probably can stay as they are. It may not have been code at the time install to have them separate.
Also your location is important as codes vary by location.

Anything new must meet current code.
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So I take it back.. I COULD in theory chisel out the box from the office that is shared w/ the DR and abandon the wire in place and either drill three new holes for the existing outlets to separate them or install blanks. I would hope though that being an 60+ year old house with probably four or five original circuits that our inspector will give us a pass.

Does anyone think it's worth it to separate the lights between the two rooms? One less thing to think about if not.
Depending upon the circuit load, there is no problem sharing lighting circuits among rooms.
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Ok thank you guys. I am going to keep it simple as it sounds like i already may have more wiring than I planned for the SABC angle. I'll just keep lights as is and go with 1x 20a for the office. It's 1st floor over a basement and I'm doing one wire per outlet for receptacles so if I do end up needing more I can rejigger it.

I have a few more questions on the SABC which I'll ask in a new thread. Thanks again!
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