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Planks? Eaves? Slats? (pics)

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Good evening DIY,

I had a question about these Slats, or plank. I'm not sure what to call them. I have a concrete flat tile roof that the previous owner removed tiles on. I've found replacement tiles but I've noticed the last "slat" is rotten from water damage. I'm looking for a replacement but i'm not sure what to call it.

Its 7" wide including the 1/2" overlap on both sides that it has on it to interlock with the other pieces. it runs horizontal are the felt/tar paper sits on top of it.

Here is a pic of the "slats" on the front porch:

Is this a home depot item or a building supply item?

Are these
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Going to have to find out if there 3/4 or 1- 1/2" thick.
Roofing's going to have to come off to replace the old board.
Some reasons why that last board may have rotted, lack of a drip edge, if your in a snow area lack of storm and ice shield, not enough over hang on the roofing, clogged up gutters if you have them.
I've never seen tonged and grooved beveled edge laps at HD or Lowes.
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