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I have some old 1x4 pine baseboard I took off in my living room as I am redoing the walls. They have several coats of paint through the years. I would like to remove the paint and start fresh.

My question is can I use a planer to remove this paint or will it mess up the blades? I know I can use a chemical stripper or sand them or just replace them but trying to save money.

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1 X 4? Are you sure. Never heard of it unless it was in a mobile home.
I'd toss it and just replace it with new preprimed base. Just give it two coats of paint before installing and only have touch up painting to do.
okay thanks.

Maybe it is 1x6, Sorry
You can buy it in the contractors bundles instead of just buy it by the foot.
When I buy the prepried I still run y rando orbital sander over it to check for flaws.
I paint it all with a 6" hot dog style foam roller, comes out smooth as glass.
Paint CAN screw up your planer blades, however, you can strip them first and THEN run them through the planer to save sanding time. :)

I’ve done it…It’s makes quick work of it. Can’t say I’ve had any issues with the blades.

The problem is if the boards have any cupping to them (and they likely will) you may end up taking off a little more meat than you want to clean them up.

I’m assuming you’re talking about a fixed planer and not a hand held.
I had to clean gunk off my blades once from doing this, so it may be the type of paint used. Perhaps the rubbery latex is harder to remove than the hard oil based? ....or vice-versa? I've also done it and had NO problems as well.

Not a good idea if there's any chance of lead in the paint.
Good point!

I suppose it's a good thing that MY planer throws directly to the outdoors. :)
I keep it right at the big door of my shop and just open the door when I plane anything. It makes cleanup easier, for sure.

why not sand the old base some to get any bumps off and fill any gaps and voids with putty then re install with a new coat of paint, once painted it will look great

Its usually not worth it. If it were chestnut or oak or a wood that was worth saving I would do it. I would not do it for pine. I dont know how big your living room is but you are liable to spend more for stripper, or a planer than its worth. Thats my opinion this week. If the prices keep going up the way they have been, My opinion might change by next week:eek:
Thanks all,

I definately meant a stationary planer.

The living room is only 12'x20' so it probably is just easier to replace it.

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