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Placard for back-fed panel?

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While I did pass my inspection, my inspector wanted me to make some changes on my water pipe bonding. I had 1 wire going from the panel, then to both sides of the meter ending on the hot pipe out of the water heater. He wanted me to just cut that wire after the house side of the meter then use the wire to go bond the hot pipe to cold pipe to the gas pipe at the water heater. No problem there I understand and it's done.

His other condition is he wanted me to put a placard at both the old meter and new meter and old and new panel stating that there is a backfed panel. He said the POCO would most likely connect the new 200A panel before disconnecting the 100A panel, and he wanted to be sure they were aware there is the potential that the load side at the 200A socket could potentially be live.

The POCO isn't making the connections tommorrow, but they are sending someone out to look at the setup. Is there a sign I can buy at an electric store, or is this just a piece of paper with wording like "CAUTION: BACK-FED PANEL"

When I searched for backfed warning placard, the search results all related to solar power set-ups.
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You can make a tempory sign to warn someone that is backfeed source so they will know.


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If the old panel is going to be removed, I'd just write on it with a sharpie in big letters. Otherwise, a hand-written note on a piece of paper duct taped to it should be fine. It's a good idea.

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A trophy shop should be able to provide you a placard

We solar contractors have to get placards made up all the time. We use trophy shops. Each placard is about $5 when ordered in bulk so yours would probably be twice that. Instead of calling trophy shops first, perhaps call a local solar contractor and ask which trophy shop they use, this way the trophy shop operator is already familiar with the setup, letter heights, et cetera.

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