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I want to replace the water shutoff valve inside my house in place many years. Not leaking yet but the pipe is a type I understand is not good, could be Qwest brand that had many lawsuits. Plumbing was done in 1970's or earlier.

The two pipes running on either end of the valve look similar to the water supply line (pipe) in the crawlspace. Water supply line was replaced (I think) by a professional plumber in 2015. I attached two photos. I want to replace both pieces of white plastic piping to the valve that runs above the floor. The second photo shows that pipe running under the floor where it is just above the newer white plastic pipe. What kind of pipe is this? Would copper be suitable to use here with the new shutoff valve?

I can solder well enough but is copper suitable to connect to the existing white plastic water supply line in the crawlspace?


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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