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Pilot on burners do not light up Weill McClain EGH 95

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The pilot light is on the on position and is lit. However the burners do not light up. I checked the settings on the Aquastat they look good. the reset button on the Honeywell will not reset. I tried checking for the fuse but do not where it is located
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It sounds like you have an older furnace, most older furnaces don't have a 3 amp fuse. Did you check for power to the furnace? Try to plug something in the outlet to see if it has power. If it has power, then you need to check the transformer for 24v. Try to reset the roll out switches. A roll out switch should have a button for you to reset. Here is a picture of the roll out switch

if you press the roll-out switch and the furnace turns on, then you might have overheating problems.
I thought there was a fuse. the Furnace is gas and it is about 3 years old. I do not think it is over heating. It seems to be something that has a cutfoff

you sure the furnace is 3 years old? cause for a furnace to have a pilot light, it must be way older than that. Can you post the brand name, model and serial #. and when you said lit, is it lit all the time?

I just read the title again. It looks like you have a boiler system. Sorry, I am going to let someone else take over because I have little experiences with boiler. My apology
It is an EGH 95 series number 4. CSA Gross Output 400,000 water 50 psi. Thank you Mr. HVAC I appreciate your attempt to help this soon to be cold person.
I have put a series of pictures 3. The album is "Weill McClain under the Hood". Those photos will show the wiring for the burners etc.
The problem was the Guard dog on the furnace. We changed it and burners kicked in and started working
Thanks for coming back and filling us in. Good to hear you got it going.
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