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piece of rubber stuck in basement shower drain

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how would it be possible to remove a round piece of rubber about 2" in diameter that has fallen down a basement shower drain to the far side of the p-trap? If cable doesn't work, do you think that placing the nozzle end of a shop vac down against the shower drain body would produce enough suction to draw the rubber piece up & out. If not then do you know of some sort of chemical that is both strong enough to dissolve the rubber yet be harmless to the ABS plastic pipe?
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Shop vac might work but don't pour in any kind of chemical. You'll do more harm then good
Is it a ball? If so, maybe duct tape a length of garden hose to a vacuum cleaner hose and the suction might hold the ball enough to pull it out.

I think that I would try a toilet auger.
It has a hooked spring on the end of its cable and you can twist it with the auger handle to hook onto things and pull them out.
Good Luck!
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