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Pictures! Insulating bonus room above garage.

Hi guys. I am about to start on my bonus room over the garage build. I am starting to tackle the insulation. Would you help me with what I need?

Here is the knee wall.

On the backside of the knee wall there is already a cardboard type barrier installed. The barrier is stapled to the studs. Can I use this and just tape the seams up and spray foam any gaps? I am planning on using faced R-13 in the walls.

For where the ceiling will be up against the roof rafter, I plan on using rafter mates for an air channel and faced R-19. I will cover the ends of this insulation (on the knee wall end) with an insulation board and spray foam it around the edges.

Here is the top of the ceiling.

I plan on using faced r-30 for the "attic" section.

Here is the floor.

I could use advice here. How do you recommend I insulate this space? Insulation board on sheetrock then r-30? I plan to seal off each gap between the floor joist with insulation boar and spray foam.

Lastly, am I required to use a vapor barrier in any of these areas?

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Talk to your local building department when you pull your permits. Local authorities choose what codes they follow, many use a national code as a base.

Add your climate region to your profile.

Kneewalls are often part of a cape style house and often a pain to reach required code levels. Some building codes allow a reduced insulation value over a smaller area. When we know what codes you are under we can check.

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