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I am new to DIY chat. We are going to put down new flooring in our foyer/entry. It is a very small space, but gets lots of traffic. We have an old house on a basement. The entry is on the first floor. At this time there is peel and stick tile down which has been down for MANY years and has no corner come ups. There is a small amount of cracking of a few tiles in front of one door opening.
I am considering the Traffic Master Allure plank flooring from Home Depot. I love the look of it. My husband, though, thinks we should go with a vinyl that is all one piece.
Does anyone have any comments on the plank flooring or have a reccomendation for a one piece vinyl that looks like slate or stone and not like vinyl.
We will have a prof. installer do this, not do ourselves. Since it's such a small space, cost is not a huge issue.
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