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DIY pickler triangle. These things are pretty expensive if bought retail. My son is a bit over a year old - walking, running, climbing like a little monkey.

My wife wanted to purchase one - but as any DIYer, I wanted to build one instead.

The legs are from some 110 year old studs that I saved from an old house demo.

I don't have a jointer or planer, so I used a tablet saw to square the legs as best as possible.

After that, it was a wood rasp to round the ends and forstner bits to create the holes for the rungs.

I used 1 1/4" dowel rods. I could buy those in 70" lengths and cut in half to create two rungs. 1" x 36" dowels of popular or oak was pretty expensive. The 70" lengths were about the same price as the 36" lengths.

I used milk paint to paint the rungs.

Finally, I put several coats of Mod-Podge hard coat sealer over the milk paint and all other wood for a smooth/safe surface.

The boy loved it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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