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Picking the collective mind.

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I want to ask if anyone has an idea where I can get this, before I re-invent it.

I need a 3/4" diameter X 22" spreader bar. with threaded bore on each end, to span a 24" space.
Ideally this will support at least 300# , without flexing, bending, or failing.

Picture a shower curtain rod, where you screw one end to expand the rod to span the space.

I bought an inversion table, and the first attempt to use it, the lousy 3/8" limiter rod (mild steel), bent and I flipped totally upside down, :vs_mad:

Sheer brute strength, aided by adrenalin, and I was back upright, but not before vertigo set in.

So I am seeking a stronger bigger bar to span the space.

Anyone in their many experiences ever encountered something ready made to fill this need?

A 3/4" expandable bar to fill a 24" space.

Already made, I can get something fabricated at a machine shop, but at a great cost.

THANK YOU, for your attention.

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What are describing sounds like a tie rod for the front end of a vehicle. Try a wrecking yard.
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