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Picking the collective mind.

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I want to ask if anyone has an idea where I can get this, before I re-invent it.

I need a 3/4" diameter X 22" spreader bar. with threaded bore on each end, to span a 24" space.
Ideally this will support at least 300# , without flexing, bending, or failing.

Picture a shower curtain rod, where you screw one end to expand the rod to span the space.

I bought an inversion table, and the first attempt to use it, the lousy 3/8" limiter rod (mild steel), bent and I flipped totally upside down, :vs_mad:

Sheer brute strength, aided by adrenalin, and I was back upright, but not before vertigo set in.

So I am seeking a stronger bigger bar to span the space.

Anyone in their many experiences ever encountered something ready made to fill this need?

A 3/4" expandable bar to fill a 24" space.

Already made, I can get something fabricated at a machine shop, but at a great cost.

THANK YOU, for your attention.

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Have you thought of a turnbuckle threaded barrel nut (long) and just use the left hand and right hand bolts to use as pressure points.
Yes, that should work, I forgot to add that there are 3/8" holes in the side rails for the limiter to go into.

So I would need to get bolt heads that have a nipple on the head to fit into the bracket.

But that might be the way I go a threaded barrel nut, and bolts.

Thanks, I was not sure that the barrel nuts were still made.

What about a heavy wall steel tubing 3/8" ID with ends threaded for ready rods.
Ain't 3/8" ready rod, just as weak as 3/8" solid rod?

The solid rod that was in it, bowed severely, and fell out, and I flipped up-side down, scared the ,#$, Out of me, and I was thinking great, I die here like a side of beef.

Does the ready rod, get any bigger?

I came up with a plan to solve my problem.

I'm going to take 2 Drum brake adjustment mechanisms, and find a pipe that they fit into tight, and insert them in the pipe cut to fit between the legs on this table.

Then screw the starwheel bolts into the threaded cylinder, and place the assembly between the legs, and "thumb" the wheels to expand them out to have the smooth rod ends go into the existing hole in the legs, that the wimpy rod was in.

This keeps the option of adjusting the inversion angle, and is a stronger support for my oversized carcass.

THANK YOU ALL, for your suggestions, all were helpful, making my memory cells wake up, and say, " hey, I have a contribution".

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Post a pic of the finished product.
I would, but for 2 things.

I do not have a camera.

And this antiquated site, is not user friendly in that respect.

Back on the previous site that I was a lifetime member of, at least they had modern software that was user friendly, But they were bought out, and closed by their competition.

And I was invited to not return.

Thanks for asking.

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