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PEX Tubing and UV Light Restrictions...

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Much to my surprise, I happened to discover the Uponor warranty requirement that all of their PEX tubing be protected against UV light past an initial 30 days with storage/installation. UV light is essentially ANY residential light source (although LED lights have none to significantly less UV radiation)! Here is the exact text from their installation manual:

"Insulation is required anytime a UV light source is used (including fluorescent bulbs); you must protect tubing from direct and indirect UV exposure.”

"Ensure that exposure to sunlight during installation does not exceed the maximum recommended UV exposure time of 30 days."

A few of the local plumbers that I mentioned this to were either also surprised at this information or blew it off stating that it wasn’t important in the “real world” unless the tubing was installed in direct sunlight for years. Still, it is a manufacturers requirement and I want my project to last 30 plus years or until I am dead. So here are a few questions:

1. How are most professional installers shielding their PEX systems from UV light, if at all?
2. Are PEX manifolds mostly installed inside a wall with hatch access or on the exterior of the wall with all plumbing exposed?

My remodel design involves a dedicated water utility room (with bathroom facilities) where all of the plumbing and related equipment is easily accessible for maintenance. Thankfully I haven’t started the actual plumbing installation yet. Other than switching to LED lighting on a motion sensor in a windowless room and installing a self-closing door, I don’t plan to do much more to adhere to the Uponor guidelines.

Any comment from serious DIYers or professionals would be appreciated.

Dr. Z.
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your over thinking what the manufacture is stating to cover there a$$ long as the pex is not in sunlight, the turning of lights on in a boiler room or laundry room where some pex is exposed will not harm the pex, but if you want to cover the exposed pex with insulation or any covering would stop uv from getting to it..
yes leaving a roll of pex in the sun for months on end will degrade the pex, but that is an extreme and should be avoided..
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