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I'm adding a utility sink and planning on running some water lines from the basement.

I went to our favorite big box store and it's rival, they all had some supplies but I thought they were overpriced!

I'm looking at these items here

Anybody bought anything from this site? Any idea on the quality of their materials? I'm planning on buying items in bulk as I will need more for my basement bathroom and wet bar. Any recommendations on where to buy these fittings and supplies?


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I prefer to support my local economy and buy from a plumbing parts house- but I glanced at one link- it was a brass fitting. Plastic will be cheaper
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I buy all my plumbing supplies through Everything seems to be working fine. Never had any issues. i had to return items, never had any hassles.

They are way cheaper than anything local. I always questioned that, and asked the pexsupply manager outright if they use recycle or refurbished parts. He said absulutely not, and garantees everything is new.

I ordered several lochinvar parts for my boiler and they were all in the original package that said lochinvar on it.

I bought 2 taco 007 pumps with IFC for 71.00 each. wanted 269.00 for each one. Locally they wanted 179.00 each.

I don't know how they do it. I checked around, they are not cheaper with everything but I think they sell good products for decent prices.

just my two cents.

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I just bought about 300 dollars worth of pex supplies from that website. I could not find the manifold that I needed at my local box store and it was much cheaper than anywhere else I found online. I chose to purchase the clamp system, mostly because the cost is less than other systems. I have not installed the parts yet, but my order contained many parts (enough for a large house replumb) and everything shipped quickly and the order was correct.

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Got my items ordered. Thanks for the responses.
Ayuh,.... Guess I'm alittle late for this party,....

While I buy from a place in the local industrial park,...
I've had Great luck with some of the stuff sold at yer link,...

Bein' an ole fart, I love the plastic tubin', but am leary of plastic fittin's,...
That said,...
I went/ go with the followin',...
I bought This crimpin' tool, at considerably less than the posted price,...
I buy These crimp rings,... I don't have a slip handy, but those prices look fair...

I'm just a Diy'er, but in the last couple of years, I've replumbed 2 houses, 'n 1 of those houses I installed in-floor radiant heatin',...

Pex plumbin' makes plumbin' a Whole lot Easier,...:thumbup:
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