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PEX Connector Question

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I will be replumbing an 80 year old house with PEX that currently has galvinized pipe. I am interested in opinions as to what type of connector system is best (i.e. most reliable as well as easiest to install) cold expansion, crimp, clamp, quick-connect. This may also be closely related to the manufacturer of the tubing so I wouldn't mind hearing opinions on the best/worst mfgs. Thank you in advance for your response.
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each manfacture will probably suggest different fittings for their tubing.. I use brass fittings with the s s clamp.. If you use brass fittings , make sure they are listed U L or NSF.. There are brass fittings that are made in China that aren't listed.....DON"T USE THEM !!
Check to see what is readily available in your area, in MN the compression ring crimp type is found in most home improvement centers. In WI most of the plumbing I have seen there is the cold expansion type, although I do not know if it is a common item for sale at the home centers there.

I do like the idea of the expansion type since there is not a built in restriction like the crimp type. The tools to perform the work cost a little more than the crimp type, but once you have them they should last forever.

I would not use the quick connection fittings. If you are doing your whole house, spend the money and purchase the correct tools to connect the pipe, you will be money ahead.
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