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Pet door through brick wall

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OK, my wife wants a doggie door but we don't have a door in which to place said doggie door. I have found a pet door that is "made" to go through an exterior wall. Our house is of basic exterior brick construction and although I have been in the construction biz (in the past) I had nothing to do with masonry. So the question is, can I safely put a doggie door (small dogs) size hole in the bottom of a brick wall? Additionally can it be done in a manner that will allow said hole to be fixed should we decide to sell our house in 10 years? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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Yes it can and fairly easily also, but if you are not sure about the brickwork contact a brickmason. Remember though that an exterior wall with face brick construction will be 10-11 inches thick face to face so the sleeve for the door opening should be adjustable.
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