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Pesky wabbits eating flowers

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How to stop them?
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I have put cat and dog hair around the garden and seems to work if the birds don't carte it off first for their nests, also heard the marigolds are a repellant. Next best thing would be a .22 with bb shot.:whistling2:
sprinkle dried blood around the area.
we also use dog hair. our dogs shed it so fast, the birds cannot haul it off fast enough.

NW of D.C. ? Near Hagerstown?
Nah, I only see Hagerstown when I come up to ski at Whitetail. I'm about a four hour walk from the White House.

Thanks, folks. . .I'll pass on these ideas to the resident gardner.
sprinkle dried blood around the area.

If you have a dog, this and bone meal, organic ferterlizer, will not do well, even if dug in the ground, as the damn dogs will eat it all. Makes more of a mess than the wabbits.:laughing:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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