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Permitting a basement.

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What are the pros and cons to permitting your basement as you finish it??
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I had a customer who finished his basement when he moved into his house in NYC in 1981. The Building Dept came knocking on his door in 2002 and told him they had a report of work(unpermitted) going on in his house. At this point he wasn't and let them in to look around.
They found the basement finished with a bedroom(no egress window) a full bath and a beauty parlor room.
It cost him $8600. to rectify the issues, get permits and inspections.
I've gone there at least 3 times to track down bad wiring where shorts in the boxes melted the wire insulation and 2 outlets and 1 TV plug.
The fact the house hasn't burned down due to bad wiring is amazing.
That's why you get permits, to have the work inspected to make sure you don't find yourself on the front lawn, in your jammies, in the middle of the night watching the house burn to the ground.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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