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Permit scam/conspiracy

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Hello Everyone!

I recently applied for a building permit to make a second story addition to my house. Before applying, I spoke to the city and asked what I need. Upon their recommendations, all the structural modifications to the roof trusses were designed and stamped by an engineer.

Engineer told me that city engineer is a former employee of their firm and I will get permit no problems.

I applied for permit, they said everything looks good but in the last moment they called me and said that my foundation might be weak and requested for extra engineering.

My contract with an engineer clearly stated that foundation certification was not included. Why would he put it in unless he expected this form the city and kept silent?

Plus city engineer told me that he wants inspections to be done by the same engineering firm and wants me to pay for it!

This is a total nonsence, I can understand a foundation part but do they even have a right to ask me to hire a third party inspector? and especially the same firm?

I think in this economy engineer doesnt have many clients and uses his friends in the city hall to bring in more business. He gave me a teaser rates in the beginning and now wants even more than original fee.

I dont know if they gonna stop, they can start asking for soil testing, excavations etc etc.

What can I do at this point? My project is already over the budjet and if I am building an addition, it doesnt mean I have tons of money. In facts, we are doing the work ourselves to save on labor. We can not afford to feed the engineer on every stage of the project, especially unnecessary.

Anyone had similar situations? Please advice!!! We are really lost!
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You have to meet their requirements
What did you request from the engineer?
Why didn't you request the existing foundation be certified to carry the additional weight?
If the city accepts the engineered plan without foundation certification then they would partly be on the hook if it failed
Same with the engineer.

Where are you located?
Why would they ask me to hire a third party inspector? This is ridiculous, city inspector should be able to certify if the structures were built up to the specs or not! Over wise she is completely useless and should be digging tranches instead of doing inspections!

I just cant believe that inspector cant look at the plans and certify that all the work was performed according to them! This is a part of a building permit and that’s what I was told initially by city official.
You have already been told the answer to this
The city will not certify a structure to hold the adidtional weight
That would mean they are liable in case of failure
They can't & won't accept that liability
They were built up to spec - to hold a 1 story house
You want to add a 2nd floor, that requires an engineer to evaluate & sign off that it will hold the additional weight
Most inspectors are not engineers
It's not part of a building permit, it's part of the design plans
Ah, OK
I haven't heard of that
Where are you located?
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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