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Around here, the base rate is about 13 cents. After I pay for the bums and welfare moms to have free power, subsidies for green power, and several other equally idiotic charges, it's a shade over 14 cents.

The CEO of the power co. makes over $3,000,000 a year. I wonder just exactly how much of my money goes to support his lavish lifestyle.


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Last months bill was 11.65 cents per kwh
That is supposed to drop to 9.734 cents per kwh next month
So a drop of about 2 cents per kwh
Ou rbill should drop close to $30 a month, maybe more

With all the delivery charges it equals out to 16.7 cents per kwh right now. Delivery charges are about 1/3 of the bill

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Scale of Electric charge KWH. Is it Gross or Net?

[does anyone in North America pay more than 16 cents or less then 4 cents?]
Thanks in advance.
The highest number on the scale i.e. 16c. per KWH. is not the NET charge that you pay to the Utility! There are miscellaneous fixed and variable charges that are added to the bill. Taxes, Fuel costs and "Delivery" charges are some of the items that are tagged on to the bill. The way I figure my NET charge per KWH is that the amount on the bill is divided by the KWH used:yes::confused1::drink:!!!

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$0.0857 peak
$0.0787 off peak

Plus a per-KWH supply charge of $0.1050 = $0.1907

With all the other nonsense I get $0.1973 as the bottom-line net charge, averaging between actual readings. (Of course that's a mix of peak and off-peak).
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