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Pellet insert - able to heat entire house?

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I'm looking to get a pellet insert installed into an existing fireplace. I've gone to 2 sellers so far. The one told me I wouldn't be able to heat the entire house with a pellet insert. He said it would probably only be able to heat the immediate area and a large part of the first floor from which the fireplace is on. The other place didn't say anything about that.

Does anybody have any insight into how much of the house a pellet insert would be able to heat???

My house is 1800 sq ft. the living room where the fireplace is located is on a split level part of the house. from the living room there is an opening into the stairwell to the 2nd floor which makes me think a big part of the heat produced from the insert would go up to the 2nd floor?

I've also heard of people using the fan of their central ventilation system to distribute the heat throughout the house. thoughts?????

any comments and recommendations are appreciated.