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Pella Class Action Suit

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I had purchased & installed 4 Pella Proline, double hung windows with aluminum cladding in my home. Three are about 15 years old, but one is several years newer & may still be within the warranty period. (need to find receipt) These are the same type of windows constructed within the time frame, 1991 to 2006, involving a class action suit against Pella for rotting wood under the aluminum. I have rotted wood issues in one window that Pella refuses to resolve stating that the window is out of warranty.

I will need to dig through receipts to verify the age of the window, but since I read that the class action suit was settled, does anyone know if I have any recourse on a replacement sash?

I'm not looking for an entire replacement window, just the upper sash that failed.

Story on settlement.....


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Looks like after digging around online I'll be eating the window. For whatever reason, double hung windows are excluded from the settlement & that's what I have. :furious:

If this topic can help anyone else, here is a link to the settlement outline.

Here is a link to the page of what is covered & excluded....
I've replace dozen of both Pella and Anderson clad windows.
There far from helpfull when it comes to any type of help from this issue.
May want to check out a web site called Pissed off consumer. Your not alone on this problum by far.
May pick up some tips on how other consumers handled the issue.

Makes no since to me from a business aspect.
They know there was an issue, refuse to do anything about it.
How many people do you think are going to talk trash about that brand of window?
A whole heck of a lot more then if they had no trouble with them.
Wow, that looks bad on a double hung. I regularly see the casements in a similar condition on the bottom rail, but not too many dh's.
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