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Pedestal sink

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Hey Everyone......question for you all...

So i'm putting in a half bath in the basement, concrete floor, just putting down vinyl flooring, but the floors not perfectly level close to the wall, so the pedestals a bit off kilter.....anyhow...whats the best way to level the pedestal?

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Self leveling cement across the floor, to make the bath even. Let me guess, there is a floor drain nearby, and when this basement was turned into a finished area, no one thought to level the concrete in especially the bath area.
No, the floor slopes up just a hair at the walls, and thus, causes my unlevel floor problem.
It can also be ground down to make it level.
It can also be ground down to make it level.
I wonder if you could grind the pedestal base to match the slope?
You can shim the base of the sink and then caulk around it…
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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