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Pedestal sink installation

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I had a small pedistal sink installed last year, and it is simply hanging from the wall bracket (not screwed to the wall). The guy who did it said that screwing through the holes in order to hold it to the wall usually end up cracking the porcelain The holes are VERY close to the edge of the sink, so I could see how it would be easy to crack.

Is it normal to just have the sink hanging like that/ Yesterday a friend bumped into the sink and almost knocked it off the wall...should I attempt to screw it into the wall to give it more support?

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Has the guy who installed it partially blocked the plug and waste with the silicone he sealed it to the sink with? unscrew the trap from the waste and check from the downstream side.

sorry wrong post. but should be screwed to the wall, bracket supports the weight, (right size) screws fix it in place. make sure you have something in the wall to drive the screws into, noggin for example. if not I would either open the wall to put one in or use no more gaps between the porcelin and the wall.
Is it a pedestal or a wall mount?

We never screw through the porcelain unless the pedestal doesn't include the bracket. The base is made to support the weight of the pedestal, and the bracket holds it against the wall. Furthermore, the pedestal should be caulked at the wall, at the base, and at the joint between the sink and the base.
It's a pedestal. I think it's maybe installed slightly higher than it's supposed to be, because the base isn't really supporting any weight. The only time you could knock the sink off the wall is if you push down on either the left or right side. The bracket is holding the weight of the sink just fine. But if someone were to use the sink for leverage when getting up from the toilet, it could pull the sink.
i used to silicone the back of the basin before i set it on the bracket.
never had one move after that.
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