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Pecan Tree decisions zone 7a

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I'm looking to put in a major shade tree in my backyard to replace a maple. I'm pretty much sold on doing a pecan. I've got the room for a pair. I've got well drained soil and am willing to water to get them established.

But I am DIZZY from trying to select a cultivar, find a nursery, select companion pollinator pecan. Not to mention that I should have bought and planted 'em last fall...... :whistling2:

I'll take any comments. I'm frustrated with something that should be fun.
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Too Short? Cut it Again!
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How's yo momma en em?

Pecan trees do not do well North of the Mason Dixon line. They are pretty but if your goal was to ever get nuts out of the pair in mind? I think you might be disappointed.

If dead set on planting nut trees? Why not a pair of hardy walnuts.

You do realize nut trees are surprisingly high maintenance, even more so than fruit trees and lawns? If you want real nuts from them.

And smart squirrels and chipmunks with internet connection log on to this site too. Plant a real nut tree and they will find it. Even without Google mapping.
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