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Pebbled Stucco / Concrete Foundation Veneering?

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Forgive me if this is common and known under some name I can't find it under...

Has anyone tried to finish a foundation exterior base with applying a base mortar coat and then troweling/throwing on gravel into the bed to achieve this sort of look - Pebbledashing. If so, any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated. I had been looking into re-stuccoing or applying ledgestone veneer to my foundation base but had this idea. Any thoughts/tips, and how this idea might compare in cost, ease of install, and weathering? Thanks much!

Should I worry this will happen? Yikes!

p.s. sorry for not attaching as pics - on my cell and doesn't allow.
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I just read this on Wikipedia. WTF, for real? I would think tastefully done with other types of materials on the exterior it would be attractive.

"Though it is an occasional home-design fad, its general unpopularity is estimated to reduce the value of a property by up to 5%.[1]"
Pebbledash used to be quite popular here, but has gone out of fashion now. It can be difficult to patch if any bits fall off.
It's best to use a waterproofer in the scratch coat. The top, or butter coat needs lime in the mix. The secret is to throw on the pebbles with a harling trowel when the mix has gone off just enough to hold them. Don't stand too close so the pebbles get a good spread. Don't try and cover all in on go, but go over it quite a few times. Then push them home with a wooden float.
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