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pebble patio

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i still have loose pebbles! did i not use enough epoxy...? can i go back over the existing pebbles with just a layer of epoxy to set them? some ereas are still just can i get a smoother surface with the pebbles? HELP
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You act as if we were all there helping you and we all know what you are talking about. How about some more detail and a geographic location and some product names?:(
i think that the op is refering to an old river rock patio. recoating river rock with more epoxy is a pretty simple job in most cases. if you have areas that are still sticky it is probably due to improper mix ratio. this will also cause your loose rocks to stay loose and create a sticky mess. putting more epoxy over your imprpoerly mixed areas wont solve your problem either. as BUD said, we were not there when you did this project so a little more info would help.
So we are talking about a chattahoochee type stone application???

Mike is correct in that the epoxy components must be mixed thoroughly and according to the instructions. Usually for not less than two full minutes. Then the rock is added and mixed thoroughly again usually for about four full minutes. I have installed acres of that type of rock-covering but don't know if we are talking about the same type product. Mine was always a commercial-grade system supplied in bulk form.

If the mix remains sticky after twenty-four hours it wasn't mixed thoroughly and may never dry. It is pure resin. There also wouldn't be any reason to have loose stones if the batch was mixed thoroughly.

The company I used to install for finally went out of business due to too many claims against the performance of the product. Just depends where you are. In the southern U.S. the product seems to work pretty good except for the sun deteriorating it over a short time. Those products must also be resealed with a sun screen annually to survive sun erosion and ambering.:)
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Yep, that's the same product that I'm talking about. Most of it did perform poorly in direct sunlight. Constant maintenance and mold issues. I installed a little of it back in the 80's and removed tons of it later on in life. The money was better on the removal end of the business.
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