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Pearl's premium lawn seed?

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This brand seems to promise the heaven, at a price. It seems to resemble buffalo grass which I have been thinking to use for a few years now.
My lawn is basically no lawn. That's because the soil is bad and nobody waters it. Now that steps are rebuilt, my spring project will be to replace the lawn. I can add irrigation.
So, will anybody recommend this seed? I am in northeast NJ and front lawn will see kids, post, delivery not using the stairs, but no other traffic. Thank you in advance.
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That particular brand does not ring a bell for me, but, regardless, I honestly believe that the best ROI for lawn seed is at your local garden center or feed mill. Theirs is mixed locally, so you get the best mix for your particular climate, rather than by a company 1,000 miles away, or whatever, and you won't pay extra for a fancy package. And they have experts who will guide you through the total process. I would start by asking them who in your area performs soil samples, so that the first thing that you can do, as soon as the snow is gone, is drop off a couple of samples, after which they will be able to provide you with the types of fertilizers or other ammenities that you should use. Also, you may want to investigate hydroseeding. One of the guys who used to come here, whose advice I respected, often recommended hydroseeding, and although I have never personally used it, I have seen the results, and would definitely look into it if I were starting a new yard or had a significant area to repair or replace.
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Totally agree with Dexter about using local sources. Your local University Extension office can help a great deal as well. Soil testing can, and should be done since you're just not going to grow grass on dead soil. Extension can often do that too.

Hydroseeding is awesome....and you'll pay for it. Go with the cheap bales of sterile hay that you'll get from that very same, local seed source.
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