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Paving Stones and drainage

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Just moved into a new house and I'm planning a few renovations but the first issue is the the water seeping into the basement in one corner (coming between wall and slab). This was a known fact and refected in the price. Now just need to solve the problem. I think I have most of the options figured out (clean/replace external weeping tile; add internal weeping tile to sump, repair grading), but one possible issue is nagging at me.

The situation:
The yard slopes back to front. I have some grading issues on the side as the back fill has settled and needs to be redone, but at the back corner of the house is a 14'x14' stone paver patio. It's slope isn't great and I will also pull this up and redo but my concern is that past this is the swale where all my water is supposed to drain to, to bring the water around the house and to the front. It's grass and with not much slope so it does pool. So is the water that is sitting at the edge of the patio seeping through my patio base of sand and rock crush to the foundation wall adding to the issue. is there anything to add as a barrier to this water?

Any input would be appreciated.
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Some Good news

I've stuck the hose of the shop vac in the corner where the water is coming up and it has stopped everything from getting wetter. Over the weekend it has gone from 16 litres per day to about 5.
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